Durst. The industrial inkjet specialist

Durst is the world’s leading supplier of digital inkjet printer systems for industrial applications. High productivity, printing quality, reliability and flexibility are the unique features of Durst inkjet technology across all industries. The innovative drive of Durst is instrumental in the digitalization of production processes in many segments. It guarantees long-term competitive advantage and profitability for its operators.

Durst Sebring Revolution

Durst and Steven Sebring have established a joint venture in New York City to revolutionize media production with a new camera system for multi-channel content. 

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Durst Sebring Revolution Project: Rodney Mullen

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Durst is One of the Highlight’s at drupa 2016 – the World’s Largest Printing Trade Show

Leading the way in industrial print with technological innovation from South and East Tyrol – winner of two EDP awards 

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