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Durst transforms markets and itself. Our history is characterized by a willingness to break new ground and develop innovative solutions. Since 1984, we have ´re-invented` ourselves several times, and have progressed from producing analogue photographic laboratory technology to producing digital laser exposure systems. Today we are the specialist for industrial inkjet applications. Our innovative drive is based on our technical guidelines, which demand the highest quality, highest productivity and the highest reliability from our product range. This provides us with an unchallenged technological edge in our industry. To think laterally, to test the unusual, to explore the scope for development and to enthusiastically embrace the new; all of these are essential traits of our company culture and attributes of the people working for us. 

Current Position

Be it as an expert with vocational experience or as a young professional – we look forward to your application if you match the criteria in our job advertisement.

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Diploma Thesis at Durst

Are you either looking to finish your academic studies (diploma, bachelor or masters) with a practice-oriented thesis/dissertation or are you interested in an internship/work placement with us?


Taking the Initiative

We provide an overview of our departments and our core business, so you have precise information for your speculative job application.