Durst’s role in society

We are a company committed to the social and cultural responsibility in the lebensraum Tyrol. We create vocational training and employment for the region and we promote cultural activities such as public and private institutions engaging in photography or graphic arts in Tyrol.

Cooperation on textile design with the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna for the Heimtextil 2014 trade fair

Durst's cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna is bearing its first fruit. A competition created specifically for Durst's presence at the Heimtextil 2014 trade fair in Frankfurt was announced to budding textile designers. 



Durst awarded the prestigious “MAECENAS 2013” sponsorship of the arts prize for the 25th time 



Kiku. International Mountain Summit 2013

Durst is sponsoring the Kiku event as an event partner again this year. International Mountain Summit 2013. Durst will be printing approx. 150 square meters of banners for the event's decorations using its new Rho 512R inkjet printer. The 5th edition of the IMS mountain festival will be held from October 17-22, 2013. It will attract the world's most famous mountaineers, renowned lecturers and interesting personalities to Brixen, South Tyrol for a week.

Read more: www.ims.bz

Durst prints 500 sqm panels for Tyrolean Archive „Volldampf“ exhibition

„Volldampf“ („Full Steam“) is the name of the first major exhibition of the Tyrolean Archive of photographic documentation and art. 

The exhibition presents the Puster Valley railway line and its influence on tourism, society and architecture, as well as the strategic importance of the railway during the First World War. This is taking place at three locations in the Puster Valley – Lienz, Toblach, Innichen, in the form of large, display photographs and showpieces. The topic of engineering is on display in the “Heizhaus” (station locomotive depot) in Lienz, which is a protected historic monument. The other topic, tourism, is centred at the Grand Hotel Dobbiaco, which was established by the Südbahngesellschaft railway company which built and operated the Puster Valley railway line. The subject of tourism is also in conjunction with the bathing culture and the development of the Dolomites for the people living in the lowland areas. In Bruneck, space is provided for illustrating the new jobs created by the railway, such as guards, stokers and engine drivers, also porters, baggage carriers and tourist guides, whilst not forgetting the role played by the railway as part of the supply infrastructure during the war.


The exhibition is open from 28th May to 29th July 2013 and can be viewed free of charge.

Belichtet - Tyrolean Photography

From July to October 2012, Durst presented the exhibition Belichtet (Exposed)- Tyrolean Photography from 1854-2011 in the Brixen Astra cinema and in the Lienz Spital church. 


TAP - The Tyrol Archive for Photography

Durst is one of the initiators of the Tyrol Archive for Photography (TAP). The interregional project, shared by Italy and Austria is a unique memory reservoir for contemporary and historic photographs from the regions East Tyrol and the South Tyrol Puster Valley.  



Durst Sponsoring

Durst sponsors photographic artists from the European region of Tyrol, as well as international artists whose artwork features the European region of Tyrol.