An interview with intern Felix Zublasing

Felix is currently in his fourth year of mechanical engineering studies at the Technical University of Graz and is working on his bachelor's thesis. 

In 2014, Felix interned at our development department, and this year he is working on developing a new ink supply system for ink systems in the laboratory with the mentoring of laboratory head Klaus Delueg. Thanks to this new development, in which Felix played a significant role (it is a central focus of his bachelor's thesis), the Durst company will be able to replace the component which was previously purchased and used. This will have significant advantages.


We asked Felix a few questions about his internship.


How did you find out about Durst Phototechnik AG?

My roommate in Graz did an internship with the Durst company a while ago. He told me about the company and encouraged me to submit an application. My father also worked for the company several years back. After doing some research on the Internet, I realized that interning with Durst would allow me to take knowledge I had acquired and try it out in the working world, so I applied. It was an optional internship, since there are no mandatory internships during the first three years at the Technical University of Graz.


How did it go when you first started at Durst Phototechnik AG?

My supervisors and colleagues made me feel very welcome, and the warm welcome I received in the various departments made it easier to start the internship. I am always able to learn something new from my colleagues thanks to their professional knowledge, and they are always happy to take the time to help me if I have any problems. All in all, I would say that the working climate here is very friendly.


Do you find that you are able to apply knowledge learned during your studies in the working world?

I have definitely found that some of the fundamental things I have learned in my studies are required for performing certain tasks at work. Nevertheless, you can expect to be exposed to a lot of new things in the working world. The most important thing is learning to take responsibility for what you do. I have to add that I was allowed to work on my own initiative and complete my challenging and varied work on my own responsibility.


Could you see yourself working for Durst in the future?

I would be very interested in working for such a well-known company like Durst after finishing my master's degree. At this point, thought, I don't want to set too narrow a career path for myself and will definitely also take a look at several different options.


My internship at Durst Phototechnik AG was ...

"Informative and educational. I would recommend it to anyone."