Keramir – successful with reproductions and special effects in the Russian ceramic tile market

In the first half of the 18th century Dutch tiles became all the rage in the aristocratic residences of Saint Petersburg. This trend had its origins in the Russian Tsar Peter the First (Peter the Great)'s first overseas trip to Amsterdam.

Whilst in the city he was enchanted by Fayence tiles, which he subsequently imported in large quantities before starting up production in Saint Petersburg and the city's surrounding area.

Today it is no longer Fayence tiles but original reproductions in marble that are fashionable in the Russian tile market. And it isn't necessary to travel far for these designer tiles, for producers such as Keramir in St. Petersburg are meeting the increasing demand and are employing digital ceramic printing systems by Durst to do so.


“Azori“ and “Kerabud“ are two of Keramir's two most successful ceramic tile brands for bathrooms and kitchens. Behind Keramir is an extensive group of companies which spans the entire production chain from ceramic tile manufacturing and decoration through to sales and logistics. Annual production amounts to over four million square meters in tile formats of 200x300, 278x405, 201 x 405, 201 x 505, 333 x 333 and 315 x 630 mm.


Since 2012 Keramir has been decorating its tiles using the Gamma 75 HD digital ceramic printing system. For sampling and design developments the company also uses a Durst Pictocer HD printer. Prior to investing in Durst ceramic printing systems, the company conducted extensive market research in 2011 that included all leading printing machine manufacturers and ceramic ink producers. The Gamma 75 HD has since been operating at full capacity and decorating the various formats and designs in premium print quality like clockwork. At the end of 2015 Keramir also installed a Gamma 98 XD in order to raise production capacity and at the same time expand its product portfolio with special effects and challenging dark designs.


Since the end of 2015 Keramir is now also operating a Gamma 98 XD of the new successful Durst XD Series known for its innovative and flexible technology and outstanding print quality without banding. This printer has substiantally contributed in increasing the production capacity and at the same time expanding Keramir's product portfolio with special effects and challenging dark designs. 

Gamma 98 XD

8-color inkjet ceramic printer with variable printing width up to 957 mm.

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