New Gamma XD Series

Total nozzle stability thanks to the new, innovative ink filtration system; now also available as a retrofit kit for the previous Gamma printers 


The Durst Gamma XD printer series have revolutionized the ceramic printing technology and set a new standard in the digital tile decoration, also thanks to the attractive price/performance ratio. The exclusive features of these latest generation printers assure both outstanding print quality and maximum reliability, while at the same time reducing operating and maintenance costs: high performance at low running costs.


The most greatly appreciated advantages include the new, innovative ink recirculation circuits and ink filtration system using special, large size 7 µm volume filters to ensure total nozzle stability and greatly extending the print head life time maximizing uptime and overall printer performance. This is reflected directly in high productivity, easy handling and very low maintenance costs.


Now, this new, efficient and proven ink filtration system is also available for all previous Gamma printers

(70, 75,120), for which our R&D department has prepared a special retrofit kit.  


The field test of this new filtration retrofit kit installed in one of the various Gamma printers in operation at  Ceramiche Piemme in Italy exhibited such excellent performance that the customer immediately had it installed on all of the other Gamma printers. 


“We have now installed this new ink filtration system on all our Durst Gamma 70, 75 and 120 printers and the results are excellent”, says Mauro Meglioli, Technical Director of Industrie Ceramiche Piemme S.p.A., Italy. 

“The number of maintenance routines and the maintenance costs themselves were drastically reduced, providing us with a significant increase in uptime and productivity.”


The installation of this upgrade kit on the previous Gamma printers is easy and fast and immediately provides the following advantages:

  • Efficient ink filtration to prevent nozzle blockage and much extended print head maintenance cycles
  • Over 60% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction of regular maintenance routine thanks to the high nozzle stability