Tau UV Inks

Tau High Performance UV Inks

Tau High Performance UV Inks are characterized by a larger color gamut. They cover up to 70% of the pantone color gamut with 4 process colors, and even up to 90% with 6 process colors. The Tau UV White Ink generates excellent high opacity results in Single Pass Mode. All Tau UV Inks offer a high light fastness and chemical as well as scratch resistance. This makes them the ideal choice for outdoor applications as well as industrial- and security signage. The UV Inks are UL certified and contain 3M High Performance Label Substrates. UL File: MH18072 - Category: PGJI2 (UL), PGJI8 (cUL)UL File: MH18072. Consequently, the flexible Tau UV Inks can be printed on a large variety of materials and surfaces.


Low Migration UV Inks for Primary Food Packaging

In recent years the amount of primary packaging has increased significantly. 95 % of food that is sold in the market is packed. In this packaging, the food comes in direct contact with the non-printed inside of the package with the risk of contamination, for example by migration of substances through the packaging into the food.

Therefore Tau 330 can now be equipped with the new Tau low migration UV inkjet inks of Sunjet to print on primary food packaging. The Tau Low Migration ink components meet all the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Association (EUPIA) and the Swiss Ordnance on Materials & Articles legislation and do not utilize materials specifically excluded on the Nestlé Packaging Inks Specification. The Durst Tau 330 together with this ink will expand the range of suitable applications for unsupported foils, such as blister packs, yogurt lids and many more.





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