Taking the Initiative

Take the initiative! We provide an overview of our departments and our core business, so you have precise information for your speculative job application.



We don’t only engage in market relevant research and development, but also in fundamental research in the areas life science, security and energy technology. We provide the opportunity to young scientist from the fields of physics, technical chemistry, computer sciences, sensor technology and mechatronics to engage in scientific research, which is integrated into an internal network and external cooperation partners such as universities and research facilities.



Our development departments in Brixen, Lienz and Kufstein are responsible for the exact ´Time to Market` of our trend-setting technologies. As developer, you work in an interdisciplinary project team consisting of chartered- and specialist engineers from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical- and electronic engineering and computer engineering. The assignments cover a wide range and include the complete development process: from the formulation of machine concepts, conducting the feasibility study/risk analysis, the development/construction of the individual modules, construction of the prototype, to carrying out of relevant testing to reach the maturity phase of the products.



Engineering is the connecting tie between development and production. It controls the continuous improvement of products with regards to their quality, their range of application and the production costs. Engineering is a part of the development process from an early stage on and accompanies the prototypes into volume production with the aid of technical documentation and certification. The pragmatic solution of complex technical challenges is as much a core competence as the continuous optimization of the projects.



Our service technicians support our international customers in all technical matters. The reliability of our systems is an essential USP of our brand and guarantees customer satisfaction. The technicians´ tasks are the installation of the systems for the customers, affecting service assignments, telephone support, compiling service manuals and conducting internal and external trainings. Besides an in-depth technical knowledge of a chartered or specialist engineer from one of the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical- or electronic engineering or mechatronics, this position demands an independent and pro-active method of operation as well as a systematic and structured approach to technical problem solving.



This department is responsible for the implementation of the strategic product portfolio and realizes the company’s market ambitions. As marketer you are responsible, individually or in a team, for a product/market segment and arrange its development from the new product and concept, to market networks and communication. The range of duties includes building long-term and intensive customer relationships, continuously and intensively dealing with the market- and development trends and formulating respective strategies. Our consultation-intensive capital equipment calls for a sound technical basic training.



As sales professional you are accountable for a defined international sales area within a specific market segment with a corresponding turnover- and profit responsibility. You either sell directly to the end customer or support sales partners in their sales activities. This task requires a very good technical understanding to assure our customers of the technical- economical benefits of our systems. Knowledge of business management and market policy instruments is as important as distinct communication and negotiation skills.


Mechanical Fabrication

In our mechanical fabrication we focus on the production of complex mechanical precision parts. The fabrication is mainly CNC-controlled. Our machine operators are skilled metal technicians and cover the complete range of work processes involved. From preparing the machines and processing the parts to conducting professional quality control. The ability to master different production techniques helps to maintain an efficient workflow in the shop floor. The ideal qualification for this position is a certificate for metal technology from a vocational training school.



Qualified technical employees mainly from the areas of mechanical engineering and electrical- and electronic engineering operate our modern assembly lines. The assembly is carried out in teams and, depending on qualification, our employees are involved in one or several of the work processes described below: Assembly and adjustment of the individual functional units, main assembly and electrical installation, initial operation and functional testing and final inspection of the machines. The technical complexity and the system’s high precision demand a reliable and accurate assembly and precise fine-tuning. That’s why detailed knowledge of the technologies and technical complexities involved are necessary. The ideal qualification for this position is the training qualification in the mechanical or electrical/electronic field.


Purchasing and Logistics

These production-supporting departments offer interesting perspectives mainly for technically and commercially minded employees and production logisticians. The field of activity for the purchasing department includes the complete procurement process. These tasks require good technical knowledge. As purchasing agent for Durst you need an excellent commercial understanding, must be technically adept, have good negotiation skills and, besides proficient German and Italian, have a working knowledge of the English language. As a production logistician you are familiar with different production concepts and have a command of various methods (e.g. REFA) for the analysis, configuration and optimization of work places and work processes. The ideal qualification for this position is the diploma from a technical secondary school or a degree in Production Logistics respectively Business Engineering with a focus on Production Technology.


Finance Departments

This department supports all company processes. In view of about 80% of our turnover coming from abroad, it is vital for our international business activities to be processed in accordance with international tax laws. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of business management, an analytical mind as well as good organizational skills, this position calls for the following subject-specific expertise and experience:
Accounting guidelines (national GAAP’s, IFRS/IAS, US-GAAP), corporate- and business law, cash- and treasury management, risk management, national tax law (direct and indirect taxes) and ideally also international tax law.  For controlling a knowledge of ratio systems and benchmarks. The ideal qualification for this position is a degree in Business Administration with a focus on accounting or controlling or a diploma from a commercial secondary school.