Pre- and post-treatment

As with all textile printing systems, the material must be pretreated to achieve optimum printing results. If pretreated properly, the ink droplets penetrate the fibers without dispersing or spreading uncontrollably. Post-treatment is also critical for good results, as every fiber has different properties and responds differently to the various types of post-treatment, such as steaming, washing and calandering.


This is why professional pre- and post-treatment and sound knowledge of the digital workflow, digital color management and ink application are important for achieving outstanding printing results. Thanks to our expertise, you'll be able to achieve color brilliance, work with a large color space, be assured of full color fastness and use less ink. You will achieve optimum detail-rich results with your Kappa printing system.


Our textile experts have many years of experience and will accompany you from the beginning as you get production up and running.