Rho Vetrocer 250

Rho Vetrocer 250 was specifically developed for the glass decoration. It combines all advantages from the Durst Rho series: continuous print without interruptions, high productivity and optimum print quality for glass plates of any length and having a width up to 2,5 meters. It provides a special transport mechanism which gently guides the glass plates through the print process. Equipped with the most up-to-date Durst Variodrop- CF printhead technology, the printer offers a resolution of 800 dpi and it guarantees maximum print speed and quality. Rho Vetrocer 250 offers a reliability without compromises and it is designed for a continuous 24/7 operation.


Application fields for the inorganic ceramic ink print systems

The glass decoration performed with the Rho Vetrocer 250 printer and the ceramic inks offers today extremely interesting commercial opportunities which in the past were rarely remunerative or even impossible. Between one colour and another the time needed for the screens production, the machine preparation and dry time are just been zeroed. Beside these economic advantages, the shorter response and supply time will offer customers a real added value.

Now you can quickly and easily print one offs or a small or medium number of units with various colours, making the decoration on glass really innovative. Personalization, variable data and edge-to-edge print offer architects and interior designers new and extraordinary opportunities to integrate the glass decoration into their interior design projects. 


The following applications provide an overview of the options available:


Interior applications

  • Shop furniture
  • Bar decorations
  • Fairs
  • Glass for furniture
  • Divider walls
  • Videogames
  • Shiny coatings, such as for coffee machines, elevators


Outdoor applications

  • Buildings facades
  • Temporary stores
  • Seasonal outdoor signs
  • Solar panels