Inks and Accessories

Durst provides the matching ink for any print material. There are different ink systems available for the Durst Rho print systems. These can be expanded with light-colors, white ink, process colors and effect varnish according to the individual requirements.

Durst Ink Shop

The Durst ink shop enables you to search the Durst product catalog and conveniently manage your deliveries, orders and if available your invoices and payments.

Rho Roll 30 DM Ink

This ink set is the most economic and technically optimized solution for flexible media printed on Rho roll-to-roll printing equipment like Rho 512R or the Rho 312R.


Rho Roll FLT Ink

The Rho Roll FLT (Flexible, Low Tack) ink set is the best ink for highly flexible roll to roll applications like backlit media (decoprint pearl, samba, …).


Rho Premium WG Ink

The Rho Premium WG (Wide Gamut) Inks cover the same application range as the old Rho Premium Rigid DM Inks but have a wider color gamut.


Rho POP HS Ink

The Rho POP HS Inks are ideal for POP and outdoor signage applications.


Rho Paper and Board 30 DM Ink

The Rho Paper and Board DM Inks are designed for paper applications.


Rho White Ink

Durst pioneered the use of white ink in UV inkjet printing.


Rhotex Ink, Rhotex Fluo Ink

The Rhotex inks are water-based, dispersed dyes inks are totally VOC-free and environmental friendly.