Rhotex HS

Soft Signage, or the utilization of textiles as a medium for advertising and as a source of information, is currently one of the growing areas in the print industry. The new Rhotex HS is Durst´s solution to the increased market requirements, an industrial soft signage printer that combines the digital advantages with the efficiency of analogue textile printers.


The Rhotex HS achieves a production speed of more than 300 sqm per hour, which makes it the fastest digital soft signage printer on the market. Its resolution of 1200 dpi produces unrivaled print quality.


The print width of 330 cm and the usage of eco-friendly, water-based dispersion inks, make it most suitable for a large range of soft signage applications, such as banners, displays, wall decorations, signage, parasols, flags, backdrops and outdoor advertisements. 


The productivity of the Rhotex HS enables the operator to quickly and efficiently react to customer requirements and to achieve profitable production independent of print run size, from the start.

  • Rhotex 322

    The inkjet printer for the industrial soft signage field

BIGImpact getting down to business with soft-signage

The company was founded in 2000 by Marc Schoenmakers and has focused on digital print technologies from its beginnings and specialized in super-wide formats. By 2004 it was one of the first suppliers of digital sublimation print for large textile formats. Today the machinery in operation includes two Durst Rho 500R, one Rho P10 250 and a Rhotex 320 which has just been upgraded with the Rhotex HS to cater for the growing demand of soft-signage products.


BIGImpact‘s rapid development in the last 15 years is a reflection of Eindhoven‘s development. In the past, Eindhoven was synonymous with Phillips. For more than a century, the city was home to the headquarters, the factories, the administration and the research facilities of the electronic concern. The 27 hectare large company premises were known as ´The Forbidden City', because it was off limits for anybody, bar the employees. With the migration of production to Asia and the relocation of the administration to Amsterdam, the ´Strijp-S' area was returned to the city of Eindhoven in 2006. Today, the ´Strijp-S' is regarded as the new and vibrant design metropolis of the Netherlands. Once a year, creative heads from different backgrounds and skills meet here to stage the ´Dutch Design Week'. Former industrial buildings are remodeled into spacious lofts, restaurants, design studios and function rooms. At the same time Eindhoven developed a „Living Lab“ with the Brainport High-Tech Campus and the connected Technical University, where new technologies and creative ideas can interact.


´The city‘s development has definitely shaped ours`, says Marc Schoenmakers. `In Eindhoven, we are at the creative core, and the Strijp-S is our source of inspiration for our daily work. Add to this the lessons we learned from Phillips‘ company history, to continuously adapt to new technologies, processes and products and to never rest on one‘s laurels.‘


This motivation is reflected in BIGImpact‘s company history. It was one of the first movers to invest in Durst‘s Rho 500R and P10 250, and is currently the first company to operate the Rhotex HS in its production process.


´Large format is our core business, and it is our declared goal to offer our customers the highest quality and full service and flexibility for the production and the applications,` says Marc Schoenmakers. That‘s why we started early to develop our competence for textile print and have reached a new level of quality with the transition from sublimation print to industrial inkjet print with the Rhotex 320. The new Rhotex HS now provides us with the required production capacity to participate in the growing soft-signage market.` ... 


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