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Tau 330 - Configure Your Digital Future Today

At LabelExpo Europe 2015, Hall 8, Booth 8B26, with the "Tau 330 - Configure Your Digital Future Today" slogan Durst, the industrial inkjet print specialist, will introduce its expanding portfolio of products dedicated to the packaging and label print sectors.

The already famous UV Tau 330 Print Press is currently used by over 50 companies worldwide and, based upon various requirements from its customers, Durst has implemented additional developments to this highly successful product range.

Currently the user is able to configure the Tau 330 for a single production usage, an industrial usage, as a stand-alone solution or as an entirely automated production unit with an integrated digital finishing line. In its booth, Durst will introduce the modular configurations with three Tau 330 print systems. In addition, another Tau 330 will be showcased at Printum in Hall 7, Booth 6C63: integrated into a full production line and equipped with a series of inline conventional finishing options.

Additionally at LabelExpo, Durst will introduce for the first time the Tau 330 E, a cost effective entry-level solution for digital label printing.

On September 29th, from 13:45 to 14:15, at the Press room, Durst will hold its press conference

"Tau 330 - Configure Your Digital Future Today".

Tau 330 UV inkjet print system

With Tau 330 Durst sets new standards in the label and packaging UV inkjet digital print. Equipped with single pass Xaar 1002 print heads, Tau 330 offers a max print width of 330 mm and a max print speed of 48 linear meters per minute, which will enable it to guarantee an unrivalled production speed of 950 m². Upon request, the standard CMYK configuration can be integrated with the white and other two process colours, orange and purple, needed to print Pantone colours labels. In the standard version, Tau 330 already features a RIP software including functions for the colours and media management.

In its high-definition mode, Tau 330 reaches a resolution of 720x1260 dpi, which clearly improves the print quality and renders particularly clear texts and high precision details for graphics and images.

Tau 330 offers various customised configurations suitable to most various applications, from roll-to-roll printers to the totally automated digital print and post printing system.

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Tau 330 - Configurations

Tau 330 features various modular configurations for the label and special packaging digital print:

  • To optimise productivity through a totally digital end-to-end workflow, Tau 330 can be configured with an inline digital laser finishing system by Spartanics, the die cutting specialist. The 1000 watt high performance laser enables the system to automatically exchange jobs and sequence in one unique step.
  • For an industrial production, Tau 330 can be equipped with jumbo unwinding and rewind units. These can accomodate rolls of up 1,000 mm in diameter, a max length of 4,000 linear meters and a max media width of 330 mm.
  • To increase the print quality, reliability and safety in production, Tau 330 can be equipped with a NIKKA high resolution video surveillance system integrated into the print system, able to automatically recognise possible quality defects.
  • For low migration applications onto single films, such as blisters, aluminum, aluminum lids or thermo sensitive substrates, Tau 330 can be equipped with a cooling unit which will decrease the temperature of the printed films for the curing process.
  • To satisfy the food and pharmaceutical industries requirements that require an odorless print, an inert gas optional system will reduce the typical odor that is formed when using UV inkjet inks.
At the Printum Booth 6C63, in Hall 6, the Tau 330 is showcased inline with a large conventional finishing system.

Tau 330 E

The entry level standalone solution

At LabelExpo Europe Durst will introduce for the first time the Tau 330 E, a cost effective stand alone print system for small and medium size companies active in the label printing business. The single pass UV inkjet printer is supplied with the new highly pigmented UV inks, which with a lower load of ink will reach high quality print results, thus substantially reducing the overall ink consumption.

The Tau 330 E can be configured for a print width of 200 mm or 330mm and 4 (CMYK) or 5 colors (CMYK + W).

The print speed can reach 48 linear meters per minute and the user can choose among two print resolution: the standard resolution of 720x360 dpi and the HD print resolution of 720x1260 dpi. The Tau 330 E has been designed with specific care to investment and production costs, without affecting productivity and print quality. For the pre-print stage Tau 330 E will be configured with its new Durst Imaging Engine. That is why Tau 330 E is ideal as an entry-level solution into the industrial digital print and will prove to be successful thanks to its excellent TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Tau - Inks

For the various fields of application, Tau 330 features three ink systems that enable the machine to reach a silk screen and flexo print quality, respecting the latest low migration guidelines.

  • UV Tau high performance inks are characterised by their wide color space. This enable 70% of the Pantone colours to be covered using 4 process colors and 90% using 6 process colors. In single pass mode, also the UV Tau white option guarantees optimal results. Tau UV inks are light-proof, scratch- and chemical resistant. This makes them especially suitable for out-door applications, as well as industrial- and safety signage applications.
  • For printing primary food packaging, the Tau 330 can be equipped with the 2nd generation of Tau Low Migration Inks by SUNJET. The first generation had already been used by 20% of Tau customers thus opening up new business opportunities. The current ink formulation and the Tau Low Migration Ink substrates comply with the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) and the Schweizerischen Ordonnanz für Materialien (Swiss Ordinance on Materials & Articles).
  • For the new and cost effective Tau 330 E Durst has furthermore developed a new highly pigmented ink set, which will permit an ink saving of up to 25%.

Pantone colours

Tau inks - 90% with 6 process colors

Ink consumption

Standard Ink
High Pigmented Ink